Rhodes Amplification Pulls a Fryette, Has Been Rebranded as KSR

It all went down in a Central Indiana town. Rhodes Amplification’s moniker has rhode off into the sunset. Yet a new hero is galloping back into town atop a new horse. If the company goes down as a legend, it will do so under a new name: KSR Amplification.


Why KSR Amplification? To begin with, I assure you we are the same folks who have been delivering your high quality gear since 2009 as Rhodes Amplification, LLC. However, through a series of events, some within our control, and some not, we have decided to adorn our line of guitar products with the KSR Amplification name. This is what you’ll see on the front of all our physical shipments soon. On the back we will still proudly display our official business name: Rhodes Amplification, LLC. Why change? Frankly, we feel it is much more beneficial to our customers if we continue designing and building cutting-edge products rather than pouring our resources into legal battles.

Companies like these don’t usually air the details of the legal shenanigans for the public to peruse, but two likely suspects for the naming conflict are the Rhodes Music Corporation and the Colossus of Rhodes. Given that one is another instrument manufacturer with a long history of creating legendary instruments, and the other is a ruined monument of which the remains have never been found… well, I’m stumped. It could be either one.

The important thing is that you’ll still be able to get your greasy mitts on great amps like the Colossus and Gemini. Just keep an eye out for a new logo on the front.

Source: Guitar Noize

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