VOYAGER Guitarist Scott Kay Demos Line 6 HX Stomp And Native Software

Voyager are a progressive metal band from Australia that you guys should probably know about. In addition to having some incredibly sick riffs, they also seem to be a group of dudes that share a love of slick new gear.


In this video, we go under the hood of the tiny Line 6 HX Stomp as well as the Native software with guitarist Scott Kay. He demonstrates how easily he is able to emulate the guitar tone from their new single “Brightstar” (which you can check out below) using the Line 6 Helix Stomp and Native software. I must say, those dang ol bois over at Line 6 have certainly gotten their game together since the ol Spider days. This shit slaps and it’s super tiny!

In the words of Voyager:

“We recently got a hold of a few Line 6 Helix Stomps and wanted to show off what something so compact can do, and it turns out a lot! I emulate to the best of my ability the tones from our latest single Brightstar, as well as talk about how we use the Stomp in a live setting.”

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