Alex Canion of VOYAGER Goes on a Journey Along “Ghost Mile” in This Bass Playthrough


Australian metal powerhouse Voyager are firing on all cylinders after the release of their latest project Ghost Mile. They have been working non stop since the sonuvagun came out, and their bass madman Alex Canion found some time to record this playthrough of the title track.

Full disclosure, this was my first step into what would become a long rabbit whole of Voyager’s music, and this bass playing is what really brought me in. It’s like a prog metal version of the Seinfeld bass, but not in an overbearing corny way. It really suits the music. Alex said this about his performance:

I’m so happy to bring you my new play-through video of Ghost Mile, featuring my killer and pocket-filling Mayones Jabba Special HH bass strung with Ernie Ball Power Slinky Bass 5 strings, fed through the beastly Darkglass b7k preamp.

This song is deceptively hard to play live and it features a few different techniques; aggressive finger-style, good ol’ slappin’ & poppin’ and all out 5 string palm-muted bar chords. I tracked my pitched “HevyDevy” yelling for the track after laying down the bass and, admittedly, I didn’t realise it would get pushed up in the mix of the song, subsequently requiring me to do it live. That part is a real challenge too, so I decided to make fun of it in the video!

Thanks so much for checking out the vid and I hope you enjoy the album!

Like mentioned, Voyager released their newest banger Ghost Mile earlier this year. You can buy it and other merch on bandcamp if you want. They’re on Facebook too, and man they got DATES coming up. Check ’em out. FASTER.

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