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Pyrrhon feel the noise. Girls rock your boys.

Let's throw some Bare Knuckle Black Hawks in this Les Paul. But first, the EMG 85 set has to go.

Dreamsnake, I believe you can get me through the ni-iiiight.

The band's 5th behind-the-scenes studio video goes over all the gear used in the lead tracking process.

The sacrifices we make in search of a pedalboard smaller than a child's bed.

I seriously did not realize these were two guitarists in this video.

The solo/Seven the Hardway/Tony MacAlpine guitarist may use the same pickups as most of the other featured EMG artists these

"It's not Safe to Swim Today" and "Winter Is Coming Soon" from guitarist Marc Okubo.

And the band's guitarist Brad Marr will show you the notes "One by One" as well. Never has a song

It continues the trend of EHX pedals that combine two to three of their units into one box.

A second Rigged on Empress AD, because one is never enough.