Abysmal Dawn Prove Themselves to Be Genetically Engineered Super Shredders in this Recording Footage

Okay, no joke: I had to watch this video twice before I realized that there were two different guitarists featured in this Abysmal Dawn in-studio montage.. The only reason I eventually got hip to it was that I was adding the tags and saw that the video info says that Andy Nelson and Charles Elliot are featured. And then… “oh fuck, those are two different dudes.” It’s kind of like when you’re petting some cat the whole night you’ve been at someone’s house, and then as the night is concluding you notice that there are two very similar looking cats and you suddenly have no idea if you were petting just the one or alternating between the two, and you just feel used.


I have no idea if Andy Nelson, who have similar hairstyles and goatees (and both have last names for first names), just decided to go all in on the twin thing and actually bought the same guitar, or if that’s just a really nice Fernandes. Either way, enjoy a refreshing stick of Doublemint gum while you take it all in.


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  • heh I thought these were one dude too. which was confusing since the solo shows a different style of playing..but now it makes sense. Killer technique and phrasing.

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