Find of the Week: Get this Steinberger GL7TA for Roughly the Price of a Tesla Model S

Okay, look, I admit that I don’t know much about Steinberger guitars because I don’t like the way they look. I also think Strandbergs are kind of funny looking and couldn’t imagine playing one despite how everyone tells me that they feel and sound amazing. And by the way, what is it with not having a headstock when your company name resembles S-Berg? Maybe this is a very nice guitar. Like, sensuous to the touch. But holy shitting hell I could not imagine spending over $100,000 on a kidney, much less a musical instrument.


So behold, the $114,500 buy it now price on this eBay auction. I guess he offers the $500 discount because a full $115k would just be unreasonable.

Someone clue me in here: is this dude just trolling us? I’ve seen some forums where similar models had an asking price of well over $10k, but never this high. I’m aware that Ned Steinberger sold the shop to Gibson in the late 80s and the line was shuttered shortly afterwards, so it stands to reason that they’re be a demand for an instrument that looks like… that. Maybe you cover Alan Holdsworth and Tribal Tech songs? Good for you. But for fuck’s sake just get a Strandberg and drop the rest of that cash on a shiny electric car.

Want to see this most expensive of all guitars in action? Well then, you’re in luck, because the seller posted this video clip. He busts out the riff to “Panama” about a minute in, because of course he does.

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  • NO! whats fucked up is the shipping cost, even if you do spend that kinda cash on it on sell your wife and kids, you’ll have to sell your car to since it cost 25,000.00 just to ship it to your house.

  • I sent the guy an email a couple weeks ago asking if it were a misprint. No reply. Thanks for this. Made me laugh!

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