Two Veil of Maya Playthroughs Chosen to End Summer and Vanquish Warmth

You made it through another week, but this one in particular is the last full one before the autumnal equinox. You’re likely unpacking your warm layers and attempting to fool yourself into thinking that pie and artificial pumpkin flavor are somehow a fair trade for soothing climates and long hours of sunlight… well, unless you live south of the equator and your better days are budding into fruition.


In that funeral frame of mind, when I saw two Veil of Maya playthroughs titled “It’s Not Safe to Swim Today” and “Winter Is Coming Soon,” they seemed the perfect way to put a punctuation mark on the change of seasons. Let’s allow Marc Okubo to play us out.

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  • I love his style of playing. I cant put my finger on what it is though.

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