Instrumental Fretburner Nili Brosh Is in-Studio at EMG, Burning Frets as She Is Wont to Do

I swear, just about every single damn EMGtv video features a guitarist that uses 57/66 pickups. On one hand, the artists seem to love those particular pups, otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular. On the other, isn’t the point of these videos to showcase the diverse palette of tones available from the many fine models that EMG offers to its customers yadda yadda yadda? Still, they probably don’t want to force a different guitar on one of their endorsees and say “here, use this instead, and no complaining, worm.” And I suppose it’s enough to simply say “many, many artists with great tone use our stuff, so buy it, consumer.”


Speaking of great players, the new video this week (have these videos been “airing” less frequently… are there seasons of EMGtv) features Nili Brosh, whose killer chops are not “A Matter of Perception.”

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