MORAY PRINGLE Releases Instrumental Solo Banger “Stabs” And Debut EP SUNDAY LINES (Feat. Olly Steele, Anup Sastry, James Leach)

Moray Pringle is a name you’re going to be hearing more and more in the coming months. The UK-based guitarist has just released his first-ever EP entitled Sunday Lines, as well as a playthrough for the first track “Stabs” from a few weeks ago! The EP not only showcases Pringle’s insane ability to toe the line between shreddy and beyond tasteful musicianship, but also features the likes of Olly Steele on guitar, Anup Sastry on drums, and James Leach on bass.


For fans of players like Guthrie Govan and Plini, this collection of songs from Pringle is sure to please damn near any fan of progressive rock and fusion. From the energetic lines in “Stabs” to the laid-back instrumentation of “Eggs and Oats” and the title track, this is an EP that warrants multiple listens to truly appreciate.

Be sure to get your hands on Sunday Lines on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play Music.

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