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New commercial from Orange Amplification hits all the right spots.

The Rick Astley of instrumental guitar begins his meteoric rise - you saw it here first.

A new kind of interface for recording guitar - tube USB.

Oodles of doodles for your guitar noodles.

We're giving away 72 Dunlop John Petrucci Jazz III picks!

Why catch lightning in a bottle when you can catch sauce in a box?

Lambo Orange KM-7? Yes please.

Kurt Ballou and Brian Izzi of Trap Them run the table on the ultimate Swedish Death Metal pedal.

Between the new album and the new signature guitar and me.

Click here to learn the subtle art of LUCID. COLLECTIVE. SOMNAMBULATION.

A stripped-down version of the Masvidalien from the US production line.

Crazy Tube Circuits is a Greek pedal company that manufactures some colorful and colorfully named pedals, such as the Stoned Hz