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Legendary jazz fusion guitarist breaks down the fundamentals of improvisation. And smokes cigs.

One song - 13 guitars. Overkill? No such thing.

Oleg Zalman plays through a sci-fi-black-metal track off Labyrinth Constellation

Mics, drums, guitars, and

Guitarist of choice for Halford, Sebastian Bach, and more runs down classic metal riffs.

With the Gear Gods OD pedal shootout nearing completion, I've had overdrive on the brain for weeks now. I'm having

No Patrick, Mayones is not an instrument. It's the KING of instruments.

Helmet mainman is doing some abstract shit with his guitars.

Remember Children of Bodom?

Finally, the easiest method of all. I can't believe I didn't try this!

The Fang talk shop about their favorite amplifier company.

Get your pull of dual djent/tap/arpeggio-core guitar playthrough.