JEFF LOOMIS Demonstrates His Signature Pro Tone OD Pedal

With the Gear Gods OD pedal shootout nearing completion, I’ve had overdrive on the brain for weeks now. I’m having a hard time recalling my tone without one, like everything before then was a hazy dream with no clarity or punch, and no crunch to speak of. I think that the average guitar consumer has begun to awake from the dream as well and the demand for quality ODs has increased, and feeding that hunger is the new wave of signature pedals from guitar heroes.


The latest in that trend (by maybe the most prominent manufacturer of signature overdrives) is the Pro Tone Pedals Jeff Loomis signature OD. We teased it a bit a few weeks ago when we didn’t really know anything about it, but now we have a video with some serious demo action as well as some explanation of the features.

It seems that he wanted the pedal to be able to tighten his tone without cutting too much bass, and as such the pedal has a switch on it marked Bass, which we can safely assume keeps the Tone knob from removing a lot of bass when cranked. The only OD I’ve used that has a similar feature is the Providence Red Rock OD (included in our shootout) that has a circuit that compensates with some bass when the Tone removes it. I think he’s achieved his aims, his tone is cutting but still carries a lot of low end.

Hear Jeff and his pedal live with Arch Enemy on tour in France this May.

UPDATE: There are more videos for this pedal I just became aware of. Enjoy!

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