Pro Tone Pedals Teases JEFF LOOMIS Signature Overdrive – With Video

Pro Tone Pedals has made some very popular signature pedals in the past. The Bulb, Bulb Deluxe, and Bulb Attack OD were all very well received, as were the Keith Merrow (which must have been discontinued as it is no longer on the website), Paul Masvidal, and Mark Holcomb pedals. I think signature pedals are cool, because successful musicians I admire are generally more discerning than I, as well as putting the stuff through rigorous use before it goes out to the public.


Well, out with one member of Conquering Dystopia, and in with another! Pro Tone released this video today teasing a new Jeff Loomis signature overdrive:

From the short video, it sounds pretty good, although it’s hard to tell in this context. Hopefully there’s a full demo forthcoming! It’s cool that they’re trending towards smaller footprint pedals – I like my Dead Horse but it’s a bit on the large size.

More on this as it develops!

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