Shrinkage! Pro Tone’s Periphery Bulb Overdrive Pedal Took a Swim in a Cold Pool

How much money would you pay to step on a button? Not even a temping red one, but a plain old gray button that says “Attack” underneath it? Seriously, don’t you want to be attacking all the time? You’re the aggressive sort, and distortion pedals with a midrange bump give you that cut (er… or boost, you know what I mean) that you crave, so why would you ever not want that on? And you certainly wouldn’t pay $106 for the option to disable it.


That’s the way Pro Tone Pedals see you, in any regard. They have some sort of customer marketing data that outputs “ALWAYS BE ATTACKING” and “I’M BROKE,” and have decided to give the Periphery enthusiasts, and anyone else who partakes in the hobby of goosing their distortion with bit of mid-frequency gain, what they want. Thus there is a new edition of the Misha Mansoor signature Bulb Deluxe Overdrive pedal.

Let’s give a warm welcome please to the Bulb Attack.


For the very reasonable price of $169, as compared to the Deluxe’s $275, you get a much smaller housing yet with exactly the same sound, excluding the option to disable the “Attack” mode. Oh, and the diode selector switch has been removed as well. But otherwise, the tone is the tone: a perfect mirror. Pro Tone were kind enough to make a demonstration video that compares the two units. If you can hear any discernible difference I’ll buy you a Coke.

But I do have one criticism of these two pedals: seriously guys, you named priced one $169 and the other $275? Where’s the consistency? Either you price all of your pedals in intervals of 5, or you take off a dollar across the board (or a cent, if you’re that type). You do not straddle both pricing schemes like some sort of shifty retail vagabond. It’s making me deeply uncomfortable.

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