Watch SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC Swerve Through Lanes In This Exclusive Band Playthrough of “Exoplanets”

Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, SLEEPING IN TRAFFIC is a progressive metal quartet with forward-thinking dynamics that showcase each member’s own musical taste. Fans of Between the Buried and Me, Thank You Scientist, Devin Townsend, and Porcupine Tree will definitely love these dudes. The band consists of Andrew Bateman on drums, Ryan Berehulke on bass, Cory Bosse on vocals and keys, and Greg Turner on guitars. As seen in the guitar/bass/synth/vocal playthrough of their song “Exoplanets,” these guys can SHRED. The riffs are colorful and tight, the bass is bumpin’, and the synths are other-worldly (dare I say exoplanet-ly?).


From the band:

“We are excited to release our first playthrough featuring Guitars, Bass, Synth, and Vocals. ‘Exoplanets’ is a big, spacey, synth-filled odyssey about humanity’s obsession with finding a home beyond our own solar system. It has a lot of different musical movements that sweep in and out in intensity, telling a story about how we stare out our telescopes looking at planets we have no way of getting to. The song is full of interesting riffs and grooves, the guitars and bass are augmented by Cory’s synth playing. Incorporating big chords and complex sequencing, any synthesizer gear head would love this track.”

Dig the song? Dig the playthrough? Me too! The track is from Sleeping in Traffic’s latest double EP release That Which Saves Us and That Which Destroys Us, which was released on September 27th. Check out the rest of the EPs on Spotify or Apple Music. Still want more? Support the band on their Bandcamp page and give them a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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