Gojira Are One of the Best Live Bands in Metal

I know that’s not really a radical statement, but I think it bears articulation. Formed nearly twenty years ago, and broken-in-the-U.S. ten years ago, it’s not too often that a band this far into their career seems poised for many more years of growth. Although frontman Joe Duplantier will surely be kept busy with his soon-to-be-opened New York City recording studio while brother Mario churns out cool photographs and paintings in between bouts of being the sickest drummer ever, the band do not seem to have lost a step at all as the years have gone by.


When I saw the band with Mastodon and Kvelertak last spring, I was shocked at how on top of the game Gojira were even compared to the steep competition of that bill. They sound great, they perform great, they don’t need to rely on effects or individual pieces of equipment, and they seem to really mean it. Which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own Internet hole/masturbation closet, as Resurrection Fest has posted the full, professionally shot set that the band played in Viveiro Spain last year.

What I love most about watching this band is their ability to reproduce the subtleties and dynamics from their records – great bands do that.

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