BUMBLEFOOT – Little Brother is Watching Music Video & Solo Lesson

Bumblefoot is one of the unsung guitar heroes of our generation, effortlessly shredding his Vigier double-necked (one fretted, one fretless) in both his solo material and none other than Guns n’ Roses. If that doesn’t speak to his Patience (yuk yuk), if nothing else, I don’t know what does.

If you’ve never heard his solo material, do yourself a favor and check out his album Normal – it’s a mixture of incredibly well-written alt rock and guitar god virtuosity. He has instrumental albums too, but his voice is strong and unique – aw hell, it’s the Spotify era, just make a playlist and listen to his whole catalog.

And now that catalog includes one more album – Little Brother is Watching, which came out February 24th. Just yesterday though, Billboard.com premiered the eponymous video from the album. The song is almost like a Tarantino film – pretty laid back, not too crazy or anything, lots of character development and then AHHHHHH GUNSHOTS AND BLOOD AND MISSING BODY PARTS in the form of another unreal freakshow of a solo.

How does he do it? you may ask. Well, as a bonus, here’s a video of exactly that – a lesson from the bumbleyest of foots himself, which may actually only come in handy if you happen to have a doubleneck guitar with one fretless neck, you know, just lying around.

But it is fascinating to watch nonetheless.

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