Glenn Fricker isn’t just an angry talking head, he’s a working recording engineer at a studio in Canada somewhere (like it matters, it’s all snow and moose north of the border) and in this video he’s giving us a sneak peak into the studio where he shoots all his videos and records bands.


Are we really not going to talk about that SWORD? Dude talks about everything else in every frame, but doesn’t mention the freaking broadsword just leaning up against the wall. Maybe for disciplining unruly musicians? Threatening bass players into playing their parts right?

Anyway, for whatever reason he wields the steel, it’s cool to get a look at a working studio that records mainly metal bands, and seeing a bit of how the sausage is made.

My takeaway is that that angriest man in Canada has a sword. Those moose better watch out.

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  • Kudos on knowing the plural of moose is moose. You just earned yourself a tim hortons gift card with about 47 cents left on it.

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