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Perfect for streams, podcasters, and studio applications.

NYC's most active concert videographer shares the secrets to his live show production setup.

Vintage King Takes a Closer Look at the Microphone Legend

Longtime recording engineer Bob Clearmountain has a technique or two to show you.

Get the kick right or get kicked to the curb.

Mics, drums, guitars, and

Mic shootouts and positioning galore!

MXL celebrates their 20th anniversary with some stylish new looks.

Potentially the most important step.

Can't stop, won't stop - but if you wanna stop by, March 20-23, Orlando.

I'm partial to the T-Rex, so I have to fault this video for starting with the show-stopper.

Yah, I don't have a mic locker either.

Wait, you mean microphones are more than a pop shield and a cable coming out the rear end?