Let’s Try The SE ELECTRONICS V-Pack Arena Drum Mic Kit!

On today’s edition of Quality Control, we unbox, discuss, and take the SE Electronics V-Pack Arena Drum Mic Kit through its paces! We teamed up with VIS / Hail the Sun drummer Allen Casillas to check out all the features that the microphone pack has to offer. This relatively affordable microphone kit features all the drum mics you’ll need to record your standard drum kit, including:

  • V KICK (for kick)
  • 3 V BEATs and V CLAMPS (for toms)
  • V7 X (for snare)
  • 2 sE8 Condensers (for overheads)

We hope you enjoyed hearing the different microphones as much as we enjoyed shooting them out! You can learn more about the V-Pack Arena Drum Mic Kit over on the SE Electronics website.

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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