TOONTRACK Mark Lewis Metal Tones/Metal Guitar Gods 4/Metal Bass Beasts Demo

As we wrap up Toontrack Metal Month,  I wanted to demonstrate some of the tones that Toontrack made available to us this month in the form of several EZMix packs that were released at different points throughout November. The Metal Guitar Gods packs have long been a favorite of mine, and the fourth installment in the series did not disappoint. Mark Lewis gets some of my very favorite heavy guitar tones with bands like Unearth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Battlecross and more, and now he has his very own EZMix pack called Mark Lewis Metal Tones with a ton of sounds based on records he’s done with those bands and others. And last but not least, the Metal Bass Beasts pack gets you the bass tones of 4 big names in bass – Evan Brewer, Tobin Esperance, Ryan Martinie, and Josh Paul, for a wide variety of sounds at your fingertips.


I put some of the sounds from each pack to the test in 3 different mixes in this demo, just picking my favorites, dropping them on DI guitar tracks, a little EZMix master bus processing, and that’s it. Real simple great sounds is what EZMix is all about, and I think these no-mix mixes demonstrate that pretty well.

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