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Tasty is the new shreddy. Nili's got both.

I'm trying to figure out the naming connection between a Gibson explorer and R2D2, but I'm at a loss.

In order to Stay Tech, first one must become Tech.

A guy from Los Angeles shows you how to play A Girl from Oklahoma.

Plus new signature Seymour Duncan "Alpha" and "Omega" pickups. I wonder which one's which

Including the welcome addition of another axe with an Evertune bridge.

New signatures from Javier Reyes and Gary Holt.

It's a new year, and Schecter has pulled back the curtain on what they've been working on.

I don't think that's a working phone, Joe. Where did you even get that thing? It looks like something you'd

If you're going to have a twin guitar playthrough then why not give an angle to both necks at all

This week we're giving away a Havalina Germanium Fuzz.

Bonus: you now have a great name for the villain in your Transformers fan-fiction.

A rare look behind the doors of World Musical Instrument Co. Ltd., the company responsible for producing guitars and basses