I’ve set out recently to build myself a fly rig pedalboard, using only the finest mini pedals available. So what is that, exactly? A fly rig is a rig designed to be taken to remote shows that you play, generally by flying in, which limits the amount of stuff you can bring. So I wanted to make something that could easily be taken on a plane, getting all the sounds I usually use, and in doing so, help you figure out which pedals might be best for your sound.

So the idea is that each week I’ll shootout a bunch of the same type of pedal (wah, delay, OD, gate, tuner) and pick the one I think works best for my board, then I’ll add it to the board, and when I’m done I’ll have my ideal mini pedal board.

This week, for the first video in the series, I tackle 4 mini wah pedals – the Cry Baby Mini CBM95, the Hotone Soul Press (which also functions as a volume and expression pedal), the Morley MWV (which is a volume pedal when the wah is off) and the Mooer Funky Monkey auto-wah.

I used a shootout format so you can A/B the pedals in any order you like, but it is very important to note that this is not a win/lose situation. All of these pedals are awesome, and the one I chose was just the one I felt worked best for my sound, and not the “best” (see my rant on the pitfalls of good/better/best thinking for more on that).

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