Nili Brosh Shreds Through “Adaptable Creatures” Live on EMGtv

Demonstrating a thorough control of all aspects of the guitar once again, Nili Brosh makes her second appearance on EMGtv count. She performs one of the more harmonically interesting tracks off her most recent album “A Matter of Perception“, a fusion tinged melodic journey with an Eastern modal flair.


The tapping section in this song is evocative of a Dream Theater section, but I can’t quite put my finger on which one….. I’m sure it’ll come to me juuuuuuusst as I’m about to fall asleep. Until then, I’ll just have to hit replay on this video!

Keep your eyes on EMGtv for more Nili and her signature bright neon Chucks in the future, as I believe she has recorded several more songs for your aural enjoyment.

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  • “a fusion tinged melodic journey with an Eastern modal flair.”

    shut up

  • pfff beautiful song, although I suffered a little bit in the tapping section looking at her pinky :S. Not sure why jaja

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