Yvette Young Shows You How To Properly Utilize 7 Strings

Yvette Young of the newly formed band Covet is a remarkable woman. She’s a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, ?) and singer who has a unique perspective on the seven string guitar, and a serious love of birds. Her song “Hydra” below is a prime example of how to use an instrument to its full potential. No endless low string chugging here.


I find it sort of ironic that the title of this video says (just guitar). Just guitar? Forgive my sensationalism for a moment here, but the only thing this is just is just damn gorgeous. It’s also insanely technical, featuring multiple odd-time moments and at times she’s playing it more like a piano than a guitar, but her two-handed tapping is never wanky or one-sided – it’s got complex contrapuntal depth and is always melodically motivated.

Also ironic is the name of her band, because Covet is the feeling I have towards her sweet Strandberg Boden 7 (and her crazy skills).

Having seen what she does with seven, I’d be intrigued to see what she could accomplish on an eight-string guitar. Until then, I’ll just listen to this beautiful piece of music over and over again.

Check out more of Yvette’s work on her YouTube channel.

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  • I get a bit of Tera Melos vibe.

  • yep. this is what the instrument was designed for.

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