Schecter has announced their new lineup of axes for 2015, and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a classy year. It’s been a while since I reviewed a Schecter, and these nude photos of their new guitfiddles are making me excited to do it again.


1. Banshee Elite Series


The Banshee Series first caught my eye at last year’s NAMM, partly because of their minimalism in contrast to the usually flashy finishes and bindings seen on Schecters, but mainly because of their forearm contours, which is also generally absent in their lines. The Banshee Elite series takes this idea and kicks it up a notch in several areas. The Elites are neck-through, outfitted with the new Schecter USA-made SuperCharger Mach pickups, and have the offset/reverse fretboard inlays I first saw on the Keith Merrow KM-7. Just like on the similarly priced Ibanez RGIT27FE we reviewed last week, the neck is Walnut/Maple multi-piece neck-through with an Ebony fretboard. They appear to be only available in (awesome looking) natural finish for the time being.

I also noticed that they’ve upped the scale length on the 7 string from 26.5″ to 27″. Personally I think that’s a bit much for a 7, but I think they’re catering to the drop tuning crowd. The 8 string remains the same at 28″ as well as the 6er at 25.5″.

The Banshee Elites will be available in 6, 7 and 8 string models, hardtail (Hipshot) or Floyd Rose equipped, street prices about $999 (6 string), $1049 (7 string) and $1099 (8 string), with the Floyd models being $250 more. There is no Floyd 8 string model currently available.

2. Platinum Series and new S-II Body Shape

Schecter Platinum Series

The new Platinum series guitars feature Mahogany bodies, 3-piece set Maple neck with Ultra Access  to the higher frets, Platinum ‘Tempest’ Crown inlays, EMG 57/66 pick-ups, and 24 X-Jumbo frets on an Ebony fingerboard.  Street price for all Platinum guitars is $699, available in Satin Black or Satin silver, and there are only 6 string versions listed.

The new S-II body (far left) seems to be somewhat like an SG but with more offset and longer bouts. I can dig it.

3. KM-7 Keith Merrow in Lambo Orange


Just like the one I reviewed, this guitar features a Swamp Ash body, 3-piece set Maple neck with ultra access and carbon fiber reinforcement rods, Ebony/12”-16” compound radius fingerboard, 24 X-Jumbo stainless steel frets, glow in the dark side dot inlays, Hipshot bridge, and loaded with Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient pick-ups.

But it’s ORANGE! Plus super pimp carbon fiber binding, so sick. Drive it off the lot today for $999.

4. Hellraiser Passive

Hellraiser passive

These are like the Hellraisers of yore, only with passive Brimstone pickups from Schecter. Each one has a Mahogany body, a set 3 piece Mahogany neck with Ultra Access (C-7 includes Carbon Fiber Reinforcement rods), Rosewood fingerboard with gothic cross inlays, 24 X- Jumbo frets, and offered with an option of a fixed T-O-M bridge, or the Schecter Exclusive Floyd Rose 1500 Series bridge. $849-949 street.

5. Diamond Plus Series Basses

Diamond Plus basses

These new basses feature a choice of Swamp Ash or Alder body, a 6 Bolt-on Maple neck with carbon fiber reinforcement rods, Maple or Rosewood fingerboard, and 22 Narrow-Jumbo frets. They come loaded with Seymour Duncan SMB-4D/Quarter Pound SPB-3 (Diamond-P Plus) or Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound SJB-3 Set (Diamond-J Plus) pick-ups and features a Series-Parallel Push-Pull (Diamond-P Plus) or Phase Push-Pull (Diamond-J Plus) with a 4-way Rotary Pick-up Selector, and Seymour Duncan 2-Band EQ.

$749-799 for these puppies.

Expect full coverage of the 2015 lineup from us at NAMM later this month.

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