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Shredding on grandpa guitars is still shredding.

It's also got an Evertune bridge and light-up fretboard inlays.

Picks don't just grow on trees you know! Oh wait

If we were in The Old West, would McCoy's outlaw name be The Sunbather?

A gift from the metal pantheon on high.

A beautiful freak for the Find of the Week.

Learn a riff AND get your music theory fix.

Now that the rest of us are quitting music, can I call dibs on human taxidermy?

Black Light White Light Red Pedal Gold Digger.

Is the JCM 900 unfairly maligned when compared to the 800? After hearing the gnarly tones on Helsinki Savagery I

They've got the kind of riffs that made Nietzche write "The Antichrist"