Angel Vivaldi Shreds Through The Desert On A Song With No Name

Frank Herbert’s Dune. Jodorowsky’s Dune. David Lynch’s Dune. John Harrison’s Frank Herbert’s Dune. All these versions of the same story brought to the screen (or not) to mixed reviews or outright failure.




Okay, so it’s not really Dune. But I think you’ll see the obvious influence of a sci-fi desert world on this video for the song //.._ _ _

No, I didn’t just pass out on my keyboard, that is the cryptic title of the tune that is set to what I’m sure is one of a very select number of really epic videos for instrumental guitar music. Normally the budget for such a thing is pretty limited, as vocal music is generally the more lucrative music by far. But I think this might indicate a paradigm shift, as instrumental music is making a strong showing, as is evident in the recent success of bands like Polyphia, Animals as Leaders, Conquering Dystopia, Plini, and more.

It’s also nice to see a video with a plot, rather than just a bunch of dudes standing around playing their instruments. Even if the music is exactly that, it helps to set the mood and enhances the experience of the song.

Angel’s new EP Away With Words Pt. 1 is available now.

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  • I like the song. The video? Not so much. I hate the camera-angle changes every half second. It’s annoying. I prefer to just watch them play their instruments even if they are just synching. But at least it’s not as bad as that Marty Friedman with the girls running down the street.

    • yeah the video is kind of annoying, kinda overdoing it

  • the sci-fi aspect is what caught me but the harem pants is what lost me

  • The song title is two. // = two, _ _ _ = t.w.o

  • Is that his legal, given name? I mean, like, does he have a library card with Angel Vivaldi on it?

  • ..— is 2 in mors alphabet

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