THE SURREALIST Get Strange With This Exclusive LIVE Guitar Playthrough Of “Walking Stick Enigma”

Every now and again a totally new sound comes across my radar. Much in the way that I didn’t quite understand what was going on the first time I listened to Meshuggah or Car Bomb, I found myself a bit lost upon first listen to The Surrealist‘s new tune “Walking Stick Enigma.” However, once I threw my headphones on and could fully comprehend that depths of what was actually going on I was thoroughly impressed and excited.


The Surrealist is a Boston born guitar experimental project birthed by Roopam Garg. The project combines many different styles to paint an entirely unique picture. Garg uses the canvas of silence to create multiple layers of sonic energy. Much in the way that an architect builds a tower with multiple layers, we can see The Surrealist doing the same thing with their music.

Check out The Surrealist floating through this tune below. Oh, and that Abasi 8 string looks pretty damn good too!

Get the track here:

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