An Album Download…. Inside a Fuzz Pedal?

Here’s a first: Danish shoegaze/indie rock band Black Light White Light (say that shit ten times fast) has put their album download into a fuzz pedal. That’s right: not included with the pedal on a CD or thumb drive, or a download code, you can plug a USB cable into the pedal itself and download their album Gold Into Dreams onto your computer. And the best part? You could win it in this contest they’re having.


The Gold Digger fuzz pedal, designed in collaboration with pedal maker LooperStar and art by M&E is one of the most chaotic and distorted sounds I’ve ever heard. It has something called the Gold knob that creates some really out of this world synth-y electronic terror noises. I really think that metal bands could use this kind of out of control blasted fuzz tones sometimes over the nice crunchy guitars we’re so used to. It’s really a very disturbing sound, check out the demo:

Hardly business as usual. Certainly not something I would use every day or even for a whole song, but if it’s chaos you be wantin’, thar be yer vessel.

Follow the instructions on this page to be entered to win the pedal, or go here to buy one. You can order the album direct from them here.

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