Riversong’s Hi-Tech Wooden Guitar Picks

Not to be confused with The Doctor’s wife, [come on Trey, we all know that The Doctor’s real wife is the Tardis -Ed.]  Riversong is a Canadian guitar company with some pretty different designs. They offer a fanned fret model, and some guitars with very interesting soundhole placements, plus some other things you’re just gonna have to see for yourself. Not to mention, they just plain look cool.


Just this past week, Riversong announced their new line of layered WOODEN guitar picks. Certainly not the first wooden picks ever, but when you take a look at the picture you can see there’s something…. different. And it’s not just the decorative maple leaf grip.

The novelty seeker in me is drawn in by the “fibretone” layers and claims of 5 years of R&D. I’ve never played a wooden pick before, but suddenly now I have the urge. It doesn’t help that one of them totally looks like it’s a wooden Jazz III. Hell, I’ll try anything once as long as it doesn’t involve farm animals or Ice Capades, so even though I doubt these would be useful for electric guitar I’m always hoping to be proven wrong. Alternately you could probably use them for what they were intended, which is strumming grandpa’s guitars.

This weirdly warped video will give you a bit more info about the picks, and let you see a little bit of them in action.


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