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If you can walk far away from your amp, does that make your guitar extended range?

Ibanez went full-dynamic-angle in this clip.

Cherubs are anything but cherubic.

Bonus: They included the vocalist in the playthrough. Double-bonus: ruminations on the nature of a playthrough. Triple-bonus: I type the

This demonstration of a guitar fretted in quarters is

And of course, we also get an intimate look at his Mop and Handlebar.

Check in on the guitar and drum tracking for Crooked Doors.

Legendary guitarist is back with a new track from his upcoming Concrete Gardens record.

Wes Sleepwalks his way through this demonstration of how to properly use pedals. And how to properly play the guitar.

In which Trey fangirls HARD.

11% of our fans are about to get a little pissed off