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EarlyRise was co-founded by Orly Lari (vocals/piano) and Raz Klinghoffer (guitars/producer) and started gaining momentum after releasing their debut effort What If… in 2011. Their steady rise led to EarlyRise becoming the only unsigned artist included in-game in the play-guitar-like-a-pro Rocksmith 2014, as well as performances at international festivals like Rockstar Energy Uproar Fest and Singapore’s Music Matters. A testament to its strong DIY ethos, EarlyRise’s dedicated fanbase contributed over $18,000 via Kickstarter to pre-order their new album Colors, which is available now direct from their website.


I like to keep my guitar rig pretty simple. I used to have a lot of pedals and I loved them all, but in the end of the day I’d find myself “dancing” on those pedals during the live performances and I hated it. That’s the reason I use TC Electronic G system that sounds amazing! It’s easy to use, built like a tank (if you doubt that here’s the link) and I always can connect my favorite distortion/OD pedals through 4 analog loops. More than that, G can switch channels on my amp, which makes my life a lot easier.

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I use Klotz Titanium Cables, those are high end cables and hey, it has my name on it!

For amps I use a PRS Archon 50 combo, and man this one sounds killer! I can’t explain this, but it just plays and feels right. It has Celestion G12-75t and EL34 power tubes, which I actually prefer over 6l6’s, and in my opinion this combo sounds better than head/cabinet combination.


What I like the most about this one is its “in your face” sound, it cuts through the mix and sounds real awesome.

I endorse Carvin guitars and play my CT74M.

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This is, hands down, one of the best guitars I ever played! It looks gorgeous and its playability and build quality is behind any expectations. It’s loaded with new Kiesel pickups, those are passive pickups with tons of output, great clarity and tightness.

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