Line 6 Relay G70 Now Available

Line 6 announced the release of their new Relay G70 wireless system on Tuesday, the most recent iteration of the Relay wireless system for guitar and bass. With a design that maintains the highest quality of tone by never compressing the signal and using the 2.4 GHz band that you can use internationally with (allegedly) no interference.


The G70 also supports multiple body packs for hassle-free onstage instrument changes, as well as an internal programmable A/B/Y switcher for multiple signal paths.

Here’s the official blurb from Line 6:

The receiver supports multiple transmitters (additional transmitters sold separately) and allows musicians to instantly switch between instruments. Each transmitter features a locking 1/4” input that allows guitarists to plug right in without requiring a special cable. User-programmable presets on the receiver enable performers to control each instrument’s signal routing, levels and more, with the single press of a footswitch. For example, guitarists can route an electric guitar to an amp via one of two assignable 1/4″ outputs, and an acoustic guitar to the PA system through the assignable XLR output. A dedicated always-on 1/4″ tuner output is also provided, in addition to a built-in tuner. And to preserve battery life in multi-instrument setups, the new intelligent sleep mode allows you to leave all your transmitters on with minimal battery drain on any instruments you’re not playing.

This to me seems like a pretty damned good solution to me – simplicity is always at the top of my priotities when it comes to live performance, and having all those features in one unit takes care of a lot of things at the same time. The only thing I wish they could come up with is a STEREO pack that could output to 2 different plugs so I could run my guitar’s piezo output to a different input for instant wireless acoustic tones. Next year maybe?

More info at Line 6.

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