NE OBLIVISCARIS Bassist Martino Garattoni Goes Deep In This Exclusive Playthrough Of “Intra Venus” (Via CARILLION Guitars)

On heels of their 2017 release Urn, Australian progressive metal band NE OBLIVISCARIS return once again, this time with an exclusive bass playthrough for their song “Intra Venus”, by bassist Martino Garattoni!


If you’re familiar with Ne Obliviscaris, you’re probably aware of just how many sounds the band is able to achieve within a single song, and “Intra Venus” is a stellar example of that philosophy. From the classically-inspired bass tapping intro and slightly power metal-inspired verse and chorus (bonus points for plenty of blast beats) to the tech death sections throughout the rest of the track, the band is able to seamlessly switch between parts time and time again in their music. And as far as Martino’s playing is concerned, the dude is impeccably clean while simultaneously holding down the low end and embellishing parts where it really matters.

As for Martino’s bass specs, here’s the rundown:

  • Carillion Promethean 5 single cut.
  • Neck-through construction.
  • 35″ scale length.
  • SERIAL #179.
  • 5,300-year-old Bog Oak top.
  • 11 piece Wenge/flamed Maple neck block.
  • Swamp Ash body wings.
  • Ebony fingerboard, bound in Ebony.
  • Ancient Bog Oak head veneers (front and back).
  • Gotoh GB707 tuners.
  • Graph Tech Black Tusq nut.
  • Jescar Stainless Steel frets.
  • Luminlay side dots.
  • EMG 40DC pickups.
  • ABM bridge saddles.
  • Schaller strap locks.
  • Gotoh quick-release battery box.
  • Ebony thumb ramps.
  • Oil finished.

Be sure to follow Ne Obliviscaris on Facebook and Instagram, as well as to see the rest of the beautiful instruments by Carillion Guitars on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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