NE OBLIVISCARIS: Drummer DAN PRESLAND Plays Through “Eeyrie”

If you needed further proof that DAN PRESLAND of NE OBLIVISCARIS is an absolute beast, then check out this playthrough of “EEYRIE” off of 2017’s album Urn.


NE-O occupies a niche in heavy music that ventures far into melodic beauty territory. Dan’s drum arrangement also has the same attention to the composition. About the track, Dan had this to say:

“I spent a lot of time writing drums for this track in particular, it’s a long crescendo build up to the 7/8 rhythmic riff, and it kind of takes off from there.”

Dan’s using the entire K series of Zildjian cymbals, and they compliment the track excellently. You can Dan’s gear list in the info section of the video.

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