NE OBLIVISCARIS: You’ve Earned Yourself This Playthrough of “Urn (Part I)” by Guitarist BENJAMIN BARET


In case you’ve been living under a prog-less rock, Melbourne-based metal wizards Ne Obliviscaris have just released their third full-length record Urn just this past October. In celebration of yet another insane record, they’re bringing us this playthrough for the song “Urn (Part I) – And Within The Void We Are Breathless” with guitarist Benjamin Baret via Guitar World. Hold onto your socks!

Fusing progressive metal stylings with elements of extreme and melodic metal, these dudes know how to write a well-thought-out tune. As is the case here, Benjamin showcases some classic Ne Obliviscaris riffage as he shreds through blast beats, weaving tapping lines, and some chords that look like he needs both hands to play them. And in true Ne Obliviscaris fashion, this song is long, intense, and keeps hold on the listener’s attention right up through the very end.

You can snag a copy of Urn through the band’s merch page, and hit ’em up on Facebook. These guys are currently touring the US for their Urn North American Tour 2017 with Allegaeon, so be sure to find tickets near you if they’re not sold out already.

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