Does this Metal Cover of “Uptown Funk” Funk You Up?

Even though Mark Ronson’s vehicle for Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk” is like what you would get if you entered 70’s funk variables into a computer algorithm which then processed the song in a Nice! brand candy factory, I can still get down with it. If you ask me, more brass, horns, and slap-bass lines in pop music is never a bad thing!


That being said, I’m not too sure how I feel about Cole Rolland‘s cover of the song. Like the rest of you I was more than bored of metal covers of pop songs in like, early 20111. This song in particular though, makes for an interesting outcome. Metal and punk are such straight genres in terms of time, and the song itself is already such a straight take on musical threads that thrive on swing and looseness. What exactly do we have here? But don’t believe me, just watch! (lol)

If you somehow don’t live near public spaces, here’s the original. You could listen to this, or to “King Kunta” and the rest of the new Kendrick joint. Up to(wn funk) you.

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