Seymour Duncan has been making a marked effort to cater to metal players in recent years. Between hiring Keith Merrow to work for them, their line of pickups designed for high-gain metal tones (Black Winter, Nazgul, Sentient, Blackouts, Retribution) and signature artist sets for the likes of Gus G., Dave Mustaine, Mick Thompson, Synyster Gates and Dino Cazares, they’re covering a wide range of modern and classic metal sounds and subgenres.


One of their recent endeavors has been their line of pedals. They now make exactly one of each different type – compressor, overdrive, delay, distortion, boost, bass compressor (no reverb yet) and it seems they wanted someone to demo them. But who can play anything and everything, enough to demo them all in a musical way across genres? Surely no such man exists.

Enter Wes Hauch.

Chops is his middle name.

But how could one ever choose a pickup from such an extensive lineup? Even once you’ve narrowed it down to one company, there’s so many. If only there was some kind of interactive pickup selector……

Well how do you like that? Also, since this was made before the recent release of their Retribution set for Dino Cazares, here’s the video for that:

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