ROSEN DIGITAL & GLENN FRICKER Team Up to Release Cab Impulse Pack

The good people over at Rosen Digital Audio have taken their chances with “Canada’s angriest producer” to bring you Glenn Fricker’s very own signature pack of cabinet impulses. In the immortal words of Mr. “Frickin'” Fricker,


For ten bucks each, the Rosen impulses offer some serious bang-for-the-buck. They are my go-to impulses when I don’t wanna mic up a cabinet.

The Fricker pack includes eight cabs at a significant discount if you were to purchase them individually. Among the included cabinet impulses are an Engl 412, an Orange 212, and an oversized Mesa Rectifier. In other words, all the “metal classics” are right here in IR form. Not convinced? You can hear what each of them sound like in a mix:

The folks over at Rosen Digital did a hell of job putting these IRs together. As Glenn mentions, you have the option of blending different mics and cabs for a pretty massive tone palette. Just to sweeten the deal, some of Glenn’s Reaper presets are being included in the producer pack as well. Basically, you have the ability to get some gnarly guitar tones without much fuss.

You’ll certainly want to take a look at Rosen Digital’s other offerings too. Who knows what you’ll find? (A Trey Xavier producer pack, Kemper profiles, and loads more cab impulses *winkwink*)

Update: Rosen Digital Audio is now Lancaster Audio.

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