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In 2015, Metallica meets UFO/Scorpions is a strange, captivating thing.

The "Manipulator" of 9 string guitar.

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Weinman laid down some licks on the pop songstress's The Golden Echo.

Mr. Reyes has got a beautiful new signature guitar on LTD.

If you want it done right, you've got to DIY.

He didn't Scale the Summit so much as he remained at the base of it for this playthrough.

I'd prefer a world filled with raspberry sauce, but if it's hollow, you can fill it with whatever you want!

Never heard of him? Buckle up

A music video/artisan guitar strap building documentary?

We don't know yet who built the ground, but we now know how to play "Perlucidus". With tabs!

I think a soreption is when you have a sore inside of another sore inside of another sore

We got advice from a bunch of working metal engineers on the best OD pedals and how they use them.