HEDRAS Goes “Downtown” In This Exclusive Single Guitar Playthrough

Guatemalan guitarist extraordinaire HEDRAS RAMOS is here today with a brand new single and playthrough called “Downtown”! Filmed in Los Angeles, the young musician showcases his wide array of guitar chops — from melodic clean sections reminiscent of bands like CHON and Polyphia to the soaring leads lines that give off a massive Allan Holdsworth vibe. This tune, all wrapped up in a wonderful 80s aesthetic, is definitely a guitarist’s dream song and has a ton to offer the listener. Check it!


About the track and gear used, here’s what Hedras had to say:

“I believe the guitar is in urgency of becoming friends with urban genres and styles of music, guitar is a natural wood instrument that needs to find it’s own place in today’s technological music world full of synths and computer sounds. I don’t believe rock or metal will die anytime soon but guitar is still young and beautiful and definitely should make more friends. Something that will set apart “Downtown” from many other current similar projects, it’s that guitar is serving the music in a unique way, from the waterfall of natural harmonics that create a beautiful stereo image to minimalistic ambience clean riffs that invite the listener to a chill mellow and meditative state of mind. The song then turns into an energetic danceable rhythm where a unique harmonic approach to a guitar solo with jazz influences shaping a modern virtuoso guitar language, give birth to an unusual guitar sound lacking and being needed in today’s current modern guitar world where improvisation and lead guitar tradition is getting lost. I recorded everything with the Cort X700 Duality. The newest guitar from Cort introduced this year at NAMM selling worldwide now, this guitar it’s my favorite guitar, it’s very versatile, 5-way pickup selector that gives me all the tones that my ears want.”

Be sure to get the new single “Downtown” here, as well as follow Hedras on Facebook and Instagram.

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