KIESEL GUITARS Announce the HH7: ALLAN HOLDSWORTH 7-String Headless Model


If you want to talk about modern influential guitarists, you’ll probably end up talking about jazz fusion legend Allan Holdsworth (1946-2017). Holdsworth could be described as a man who was ahead of his time, as he was one of the first guitarists in the contemporary jazz and fusion scenes to approach guitar playing in an almost “anti-guitar” kind of way. He famously stated that he didn’t really want to play guitar growing up, and was much more interested in horn playing than anything. His unique approaches to intervals, improvisation, and legato (among many other things) still shape the way tons of guitarists play their instrument today.

A true innovator, Holdsworth was known for playing Carvin (and later Kiesel) guitars, specifically the headless models. So while the good people at Kiesel have had a few different signature models of Allan’s guitars over the years, they’ve just announced the production of the first-ever 7-string Allan Holdsworth model: the HH7!

With that classic Holdsworth headless design, this is definitely an axe that Allan Holdsworth would have approved of, and is capable of that classic Holdsworth lead tone, as well as heavier territory with the addition of the low B string. And being made in the Kiesel Custom Shop, there are tons of other options this guitar can come with, so the only limit is your imagination.

The HH7 is available now for a starting price of $1,299 direct from the Kiesel Custom Shop in Escondido, California, so if this sounds like the guitar you’ve been waiting for, head over to the Kiesel Guitars website to complete your quest!

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