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The Muffuletta fuzz is based on several 20th century classics.

We run down the rigs of Dave Davidson, Dan Gargiulo, and Brett Bamberger of Revocation, one of the best metal

Check out a demo of the company's guitar pre-eq pedal, the Bax Bangeetar

Tina S is back with a Jason Becker cover.

This week we are giving away a 6-pack of Heavy Core guitar strings!

Guitarist Rick Jimenez rocks out on some minor single-note grooves.

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I blessed the rains down in drop F#

Polyphia Heart Dunlop

But "Stay the Course" with their riffs.

Because everyone's got a soft spot for their first.

A killer metal amp from an unlikely source.

King Crimson ringleader discusses adopting his new tuning to the band's older material.

Guitarist Andy Thomas shows off Loomis' signature Pro Tone Pedals overdrive.