Fresh Meat: MYTH OF I Colors Your World With “The Illustrator” In This Exclusive Playthrough Premiere

Hey BUDDY are you a fan of instrumental progressive metal? Do you like bands along with the likes of Scale the Summit, Animals as Leaders, and The Contortionist? Well, considering you’re on GEARGODSDOTNET you probably already do – and if that’s the case then BOY DO I HAVE A BAND FOR YOU. Hailing from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, Boston prog monsters MYTH OF I is a band that combines elements of progressive metal, death metal, groove metal, post-metal, and jazz fusion criss-cross and unite in unpredictable ways. Check out this exclusive guitar playthrough of the band’s track “The Illustrator” taken off their upcoming and highly-anticipated debut album Myth Of I (out Friday, April 10th on The Artisan Era) and see for yourself:


From the band about the track:

““The Illustrator” is really a microcosm of all the sounds and emotions we have to offer in the tracks that follow on the album. This song is built on winding unison riffs and constantly modulating rhythms and tempos, adorned with dizzying arpeggiated leads, and packed into an arching structure that’s meant to sherpa you up to the mountain’s peak and hurl you back down to where your journey began. It never lingers on any one motif, but manages to stay fluid in its movement between dynamically different passages. If you like what you hear be sure to keep an eye out for our debut self-titled record, out April 10th!”

More about the upcoming album:

“We feel this album is an authentic representation of both our playing and sound, and we hope it resonates with you all as much as it does with us. We put many years into this project to help shape and redefine what we see to be the next step in the progressive metal scene. It’s an eclectic album with influences from all over the world and is sure to be something you can’t find anywhere else.”

Myth Of I is:

Jennings Smith – Guitars (playing a Kiesel Vader 8 string in the playthrough)
Tyler Fritzel – Guitars (playing an Equilibrium FT8 in the playthrough)
Matt Lippa – Drums
Aodán Collins – Bass

Be sure to preorder Myth Of I on Bandcamp and check out the band’s sweet merch bundles. As always, check out MYTH OF I on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Peep The Artisan Era’s Facebook page too, as they typically post great extreme bands that might be your next jam.

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