NAVENE KOPERWEIS GetGood Drums Demonstration – Gear Gods

If you’re restricted to practising on an electronic kit because you can’t smash your acoustic kit up due to the fact your neighbours/parents/girlfriend are dickheads then you want it to at least sound good and be like you’re playing the real thing. A lot of the time electronic kits are pre-programmed with generic, dull-sounding tones and therefore can make practise less fun than it should be. Furthermore if you want to use your electric kit to record you will also want the best sounds possible.


GetGood Drums library enables you to use Cubase and your electric kit in order to create the sounds directly live as you play them, generating some sweet noise that make you feel like you’re playing the real thing.

Check out the video below as Navene Koperweis demonstrates how to use GetGood Drums with a 2Box electronic kit and make it sound killer. He shows you how to set it up properly so you can sit down and really spend some quality time with the drums and create the best sounding beats possible .

You can get Matt Halpern’s drum sounds here and sound like your in Periphery, even if you can’t play like it.

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