This Djent Cover of Toto’s “Africa” Is The Business

Last week we brought you this sweet playthrough of Circuitry‘s song “Rarefaction”, which was an excellent demonstration of guitarist Christian Colabelli’s immense skill. It was pretty awesome.


But it wasn’t djent cover of Toto’s “Africa” awesome.

Don’t act like you haven’t rocked out to Toto alone in your car. This is a legitimately awesome song in any form, and this is a pretty fun and well done cover.

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  • ahaha this is hysterical!!! thanks man.

  • The Chaos Divine cover has much less horrible vocals

    • You’re right. This sound way better.

    • this is definitely a cool interpretation. thanks for the hateful comment too! It made my day.


    • Much better

    • Hahaha I can’t believe he screamed Africaaaa at the end. Great instrumentation though!

  • This is horrible.

  • this must the least groovy song I have ever heard

  • not bad, but how is this djent in any way?

  • I like djent, I like that song, but this sucks balls.

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