The Perfect Metal Pedalboard – JHS Pedals Edition!


I’m always thinking of how I can make my rig more effective, or more streamlined, or easier to use – preferably all of the above. So I’ve spent a good bit of time figuring out the best and simplest way to get the sounds I want with the least amount of fuss. I’ve got it down to a formula I call the Perfect Metal Pedalboard, and in this video I lay out for you how it’s done, in this case using JHS Pedals.

On this board I’ve got the Muffuletta for any fuzz tones, the Moonshine V2 OD, the Angry Charlie V3 distortion pedal, a Pink Panther delay, their Spring Tank reverb, and a tiny, but powerful, boost pedal called the Prestige. Using the 4 cable method, I show you how to use these (or any similar pedals) to get two awesome metal sounds that you can switch between with a single footswitch.

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  • So, is this all the stuff that comes before the Boss Metal Zone or after?

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