Your First Gear: Deafheaven, Children of Bodom, Gorguts, And More!

It’s been a minute since we’ve checked in with some of our favorite bands about their first piece of gear (“everyone remembers their first” or “I remember my first”), so over the past few weeks, when we’ve had a chance to corner members of Deafheaven, Children of Bodom, Gorguts, Insomnium, Cattle Decapitation, Fin’amor, and Rosetta, we asked them to travel back to a simpler time in their guitar, bass, and drum lives. A simpler time – the one before the custom shop work, endorsements, and festival backlines.


So get set for some jive talk about red BC Rich’s, Fender practice amps, and more, in our third installment of Your First Gear. Enjoy below:

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