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A video investigation into David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti's brooding synthesizer score.

We check in with Rob, Scotty, and Eli of the powerhouse prog outfit Dopapod to talk delicious analog gear.

Nine Inch Nails mainman talks Moog on the eve of the discontinuation of the Minimoog Voyager.

Because everyone's got a soft spot for their first.

iRig Keys Pro for players on the go!

The Coup De Villes perform the theme to Big Trouble in Little China

I was working in the KeyLab late one night

Kronos sounds like the final boss in an RPG.

The yaybahar kind of looks like what you'd use to plot a course to the moon in a dirigible.

Was it SampleStank or SampleSwank? We let you know.

With these unique synth tones your drumming certainly won't be ig-Nord.